Almacenes y
Espacios Industriales


Company specialised in the design and building of industrial buildings for logistical and storage uses, mainly.

Some of the biggest business and industrial groups of the country, with important complex storage and logistical needs, have trusted us their most recent facilities and equipments.






Almacenes y Espacios Industriales can boast of providing our clients with a custom solution for their needs without decreasing the final quality of the product.

  • Caamaño Sistemas Metálicos
  • Neograf Alvedro
  • Sistemas y Construcciones Alvedro
  • Metales y Muebles Especiales
  • Metalvedro
  • Vidrios Caamaño
  • Hydracorte
  • Blanco Mayer
  • Almacenes y Espacios Industriales
  • Valmarcasa
  • Caamaño Asia
  • Caamaño Russia
  • Caamaño CZ International Glass Corp.
  • CaamanoUSA
  • Caamaño Oceanía
CENTRAL: Rúa San Fernando, 44 - A, CP: 15180 Culleredo - A Coruña - SPAIN, TLF: (+34) 981 675 507, FAX: (+34) 981 675 506