With the goal to comply with the highest quality and satisfaction demands of our clients, Grupo Caamaño has the best and most modern resources in the market, both technical and human.


Human Team:

We realise one of our string points is our human team, qualified professionals with ample experience in the field. 


  • We have an average yearly staff of more than 500 qualified employees from the different fields, both in structure staff and direct workforce.
  • We create 200 annual average indirect employments.




We have 43,000 square meters of facilities to develop our activities, distributed in two big headquarters located in A Coruña and Shanghai, which allow us to complement our services and offer national and international coverage.


  • More than 35,000 square meters of industrial units for manufacture and storage in the A Coruña head office.
  • About 2,000 square meters destined for the design, management and administration teams.
  • More than 6,000 square meters of industrial units in the Shanghai, China headquarters, to improve our response time in Asia.



Maquinaria 01   Maquinaria 03
Maquinaria 02


We have state of the art technology in all our production processes complemented with artisan work to take care of the smallest detail in finishes and qualities of all our products.


  • 4 Flat material laser cutting tables: wood - PVC - plastic materials - methacrylate - aluminium - steel - stainless steel.
  • 2 Tube laser cutting centres: metallic profiles.
  • 2 Water jet cutting centres: glass - aluminium - steel - stainless steel - stone.
  • 4 Vertical cutting tables: glass - wood - composites.
  Maquinaria 04
Maquinaria 05  
  • 1 Automated welding cubicle for steel and stainless steel.
  • 3 Lacquer and paint cubicle.
  • Specialised machining centres depending on the activity.
  • CNC machinery: lathes - milling machines.
  • 5 Bending machines.
  • Conventional machinery: saws, punching machine, metal shears, milling machines, drills, lathes, milling cutter, etc.
  • Caamaño Sistemas Metálicos
  • Neograf Alvedro
  • Sistemas y Construcciones Alvedro
  • Metales y Muebles Especiales
  • Metalvedro
  • Vidrios Caamaño
  • Hydracorte
  • Blanco Mayer
  • Almacenes y Espacios Industriales
  • Valmarcasa
  • Caamaño Asia
  • Caamaño Russia
  • Caamaño CZ International Glass Corp.
  • CaamanoUSA
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CENTRAL: Rúa San Fernando, 44 - A, CP: 15180 Culleredo - A Coruña - SPAIN, TLF: (+34) 981 675 507, FAX: (+34) 981 675 506